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Here’s what they are saying about Nasar Abadey…

 “Drawing influences from powerful drummers such as Tony Williams, Roy Haynes and Jack DeJohnette, Abadey knows how to swing hard, but not in a manner that’s bombastic and obtrusive.  Instead, he builds tension behind billowing solos, as on rolling “Brick by Brick” where he pushes Joe Ford’s darting soprano saxophone to the upper limits.”

John Murph, Jazz Times Magazine


Nasar Abadey & SUPERNOVA®








Joe Ford Alto and Soprano Saxophones:



James King Bassist:




Allyn Johnson:



Nasar Abadey and SUPERNOVA’s Diamond In The Rough CD enjoyed 10 weeks on the National CMJ National Jazz Radio Charts peaking at #19 overall and achieving

#1 Top Jazz Adds for issue #1195


 “Abadey is not a background drummer. He is upfront and expressive, aggressively pounding out a wide array of propulsive rhythms that ignites his group SUPERNOVA® into positive action.”

Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine

“…Abadey’s talents for giving lift to the melodies with buffeting rhythms and splashing cymbals. As a composer, he’s also responsible for the strong spiritual current that runs through much of the album.  “Mirage” is a lot more satisfying than just a collection of illusory pleasures.”

Mike Joyce, Washington Post


“Nasar Abadey is a DC-based drummer with a wealth of experience who generally maintains one foot in the spiritualism of jazz and one foot in the hard bop camp. He brings a sensitivity and touch to the drums that have made him a valuable addition to all manner of touring soloists dipping their wings into the DC jazz scene.”

Willard Jenkins, Arts Presenter



”NASAR ABADEY & Supernova Diamond in the Rough:  If this cat wanted to make his mark in smooth/easy jazz with a big band feel, he could do it and become a superstar.  Because he records infrequently, he chose to make this collection also a bit of a resume piece.  Because he really is adept at a lot of styles, it makes for a nice busman’s holiday.  This is a real master of instrumental music with a good sense of history and a vision of the future.  All told, it’s a nice set of circumstances all rolled into one.  Check it out for a smooth ride that offers great vistas.”

Chris Spector, Midwest Record